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BIM Pricing

BIM Price Calculator Breakdown

Pricing your BIM Project Pricing your BIM project is never a straight forward process, we believe at IBIMS that no two projects are alike when it comes to pricing. Thus, based on our experience with pricing hundreds of proposals either those we won or we did not, we will list herein the approach we utilize […]

outsource BIM services

BIM Outsourcing Services VS In-House BIM

BIM OUTSOURCING SERVICES VS IN-HOUSE BIM Basically, a question that we usually face is whether our clients should outsource BIM services or hire in-house BIM unit. However, the answer, unfortunately, is a little shady when it comes to investment in BIM. Therefore, Today’s blog post shall assist in bringing a high-level understanding of the pros […]

bim price calculater

How much does BIM cost?

  How much does BIM cost? One of the most frequently asked questions by a lot of our client’s probably is: “How much does BIM cost or How do you price your BIM services. Actually, estimating accurate prices and rates for BIM services can sometimes look confusing especially when we have to consider various parameters […]

What is BIM ?

WHAT IS BIM? What is BIM? BIM is an acronym for Building Information Modelling or Building Information Model? It describes the process of designing a building collaboratively using one coherent system of computer models rather than as separate sets of drawings. Don’t be misled by the word ‘building’ – BIM is just as relevant to the […]

Role of BIM in Design and Construction

BIM in Design and Construction BIM in Design and Construction. Nowadays, it is exciting to experience the advancement in A/E/C/O tools and technology over the last couple of years. So, Now that building information modeling (BIM) is now a crucial part of the design process, understanding how BIM applies to your work is a necessity. To […]

VR implementation in Egypt

BIM and VR in Construction

VR implementation in Egypt The concept of VR is to exchange your reality with something new that doesn’t exist physically and see these things like reality. Human brains can be exposed to any sort of virtually generated environments like a park, a high-octane computer game, a movie, or in short to anything and everything that […]

BIM future and vision

Future of Building Information Modelling

BIM Future BIM Future is expected to change widely through the next era. The BIM revolution started 17 years ago when Revit made its debut in the digital and construction markets, which then catalyzed a change in how collaboration in the construction industry works. Moreover, the past five years, we have seen the speed of […]