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    Firstly, we offer a wide range of Qualified BIM Services for all phases of your projects anywhere in the world. . We proud ourselves being a reliable outsourcing destination for internationally recognized firms.


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    Although BIM Price is slightly competitive to consider, our prices are competitively outstanding, we embrace quality BIM over value . Especially with regards to our level of commitment and long terms savings. Thus, we encourage you to explore our BIM pricing tool.


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    About IBIMS

    Since its establishment, IBIMS earned its reputation, especially as a ground-breaking BIM Modeling and Project Management firm. Moreover, our success relays in the company’s dedication to the satisfaction of its clients.


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BIM Modeling
Quantity Surveying
  • Infra Networks and Civil
    Sailia Training Pitch BIM LOD 500 for Infrastructure
  • Passport Building
    Passport Building BIM Modelling
  • BIM Modelling MEP Services 2
    Qatar University College of Education
  • BIM Pakistani Projects
    District Complex Rawlkot AJ & K

Integrated BIM Services

  • BIM Claims Management
    BIM Forensic Analysis

    Claims and disputes tracking will be more easier using IBIMS’s approach for tracking delays throughout construction. Thus, BIM will play a crucial role in the development of traditional claims process.

  • BIM Modelling Services
    BIM Services

    By making competent LOD-200 to LOD 500 (Level 2) models of construction projects, it is possible to plan intricate details and avoid technical flaws and loopholes.

  • BIM Services in Egypt
    BIM Consulting

    BIM Consulting Whether you are looking to switch from 2D CAD or optimize your workflow, IBIMS consulting packages can walk you through the processes of developing your company’s digital future

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