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BIM Outsourcing Services VS In-House BIM

BIM OUTSOURCING SERVICES VS IN-HOUSE BIM Basically, a question that we usually face is whether our clients should outsource BIM services or hire in-house BIM unit. However, the answer, unfortunately, is a little shady when it comes to investment in BIM. Therefore, Today’s blog post shall assist in bringing a high-level understanding of the pros […]

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How much does BIM cost?

  How much does BIM cost? One of the most frequently asked questions by a lot of our client’s probably is: “How much does BIM cost or How do you price your BIM services. Actually, estimating accurate prices and rates for BIM services can sometimes look confusing especially when we have to consider various parameters […]

BIM for Dummies

BIM for Newborns

How do we see BIM? BIM for Newborns Figure  – If you cannot see the whole picture… BIM for Newborns BIM seems to be something different depending on the point of view similarly as BIM for Newborns. The various participants in the design, construction and management of the asset (e.g. building or infrastructure), may experience […]