BIM for Newborns

How do we see BIM?

BIM for Newborns


Figure  – If you cannot see the whole picture… BIM for Newborns

BIM seems to be something different depending on the point of view similarly as BIM for Newborns. The various participants in the design, construction and management of the asset (e.g. building or infrastructure), may experience BIM in different ways.

So what is new about BIM?

Starting from the basics, in the context of a project, BIM is about creating a model of the asset that represents its physical characteristics, its performance, the way it is to be constructed and anything else of use to those involved in designing, building and operating the asset.

A card model

Figure  – A card model

A BIM model is not simply a 3D CAD model, i.e. digital equivalent of a card model! 3D CAD models are not new, but in most cases they represent only the visual aspects of the building.

A BIM model is something else. Technology that has been used for some time by other industries, e.g. cinema, computer games, and some manufacturing, is now accessible to the construction industry and to building owners.

With more powerful computers and access to the databases behind the graphics, it is possible to add non-graphic information about the components (BIM objects) in the digital model.

A BIM model is rich in information but should not contain too much too soon

Figure  – A BIM model is rich in information but should not contain too much too soon





Getting on with the project

The benefits of BIM adoption depend on all parties being able to engage and collaborate in a well-informed way. In the BIM world all participants depend on each other to succeed!

There may be a lot of focus on technology, but BIM is also about people and processes. People need to understand the opportunities offered by technology and make choices about how to use it. People need to review their old processes and change these to make the most of new technology. Then adopting new processes, people need to use technology to do more with less effort and in less time, not simply do the same as before more efficiently… Technology and good processes can improve collaboration… but only if the people involved want to collaborate!