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District Complex Bagh

Rehabilitation project for the affected cities by earthquakes in Pakistan, through the award from the Saudi finance department (SFD). The project consists of administrative and governmental building as well as facilities with a total of 19 buildings on a built-up area of 32000 square meters and cover a construction area of 265000 sq. meters.

IBIMS performed a BIM Model with LOD 300, coordinated with all conflicts between trades resolved, accordingly all tender drawings

were extracted and bills of quantities for the project.

Project location: Bagh, Pakistan

Owner: ERRA ( Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority)

Main consultant: AL Teraz Design Architectural and Engineering Consultant

Client: AL Teraz Design Architectural and Engineering Consultant

IBIMS responsibility: Architectural, Structural and MEP LOD 300 Modeling – Coordinated Tender Drawing Packages – QS