Consulting Services

IBIMS offers BIM Consulting support as part of BIM Services to the AEC Industry by providing a client advisory service. Moreover, the client advisory service assists clients in the creation of Employers Information Requirements (EIR) which are key to the information management lifecycle.

Competent BIM Advisory

BIM Implementation Management

First of all, IBIMS’s BIM Management service is governing of process and workflow management which is a collection of defined model uses. Moreover, workflows, and modelling methods used to achieve specific, repeatable, and reliable information results from the model.

BIM Consulting

 For Clients the creation of an Employer’s Information Requirements (EIR) document is key to a successful BIM Level 2 project and BRE are able to work with you in either formulating or checking this document is appropriate for your needs.

Evaluating your options

Whether you are looking to switch from 2D CAD or optimize your workflow. IBIMS’s consulting packages can walk you through the processes of developing your company’s digital future:

  • Dialogue with the decision makers and CAD/BIM manager
  • BIM workflow presentation
  • Focus on the prerequisites of a successful implementation
  • ROI calculation, including analysis
  • A description on the challenges and opportunities for a company

Service brochure


BIM Advisory services

IBIMS provides BIM Consulting, management services and support to both the public and private sectors during all stages of a physical asset’s lifecycle. Moreover, Our in-depth understanding of the whole process ensures a best-value outlook and approach.

the following shows our Scope of Advisory Services:

  • Strategy and implementation support .
  • Employer’s Information Requirements
  • Global experience
  • Model Checking Service
  • Portfolio assessment, including operational risk and lifecycle
  • BIM implementation Strategy

What is included

BIM Adoption Assessment

Our experienced BIM Consulting team has many combined years of experience on advanced VDC technology.

Developing BIM Execution Plans

Guidance and giving support for preparation of BIM Execution Plan to describe the purpose of BIM system. Moreover, describe the responsibilities of all parties in the project, meeting schedules, target dates, file and folder systems. Besides, file transfer and sharing systems and to set a common BIM language, based on the internationally accepted templates.

Clash Detection Matrix Developing

First of all, we plan your clash tests and to create what is commonly called a “clash matrix”. Thus we define combinations of disciplines and priority based on the construction schedule and deliverable. Eventually, chronology of clash tests is crucial in reducing iterations between model updates.

BIM Consulting and Management

IBIMS will set up a series of recurring on-site visits (typically a half-day or full day per week). This can be done for the duration of the project to work directly with the project team each visit.

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