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Pre-construction BIM

Pre-construction BIM Services

BIM Pre-construction phase utilizes the benefits of Building Information Modeling as a PM tool, and will surely alter the traditional methods. Services include conceptual design modeling and QS. READ MORE  

BIM Modelling Services Egypt

BIM Modelling

BIM Modelling Services Egypt is the core of our work. Moreover, we provide pro-BIM services to assists you complete your project on time, with the budget. READ MORE  


BIM Oriented Project Management

IBIMS provides Building Information Modelling BIM Project Management Services. Moreover, this service includes automation of Quantity Surveying and 5D BIM Costing moreover 4D BIM Planning. READ MORE  

BIM Services in Egypt

BIM Consulting

BIM Consulting Whether you are looking to switch from 2D CAD or optimize your workflow, IBIMS consulting packages can walk you through the processes of developing your company’s digital future

BIM Modelling Services

BIM Services

By making competent LOD-200 to LOD 500 (Level 2) models of construction projects, it is possible to plan intricate details and avoid technical flaws and loopholes.

BIM Claims Management

BIM Forensic Analysis

Claims and disputes tracking will be more easier using IBIMS’s approach for tracking delays throughout construction. Thus, BIM will play a crucial role in the development of traditional claims process.