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IBIMS has a reputation as a ground-breaking BIM Modeling and Project Management among other BIM companies in Egypt. We ground our success in the company’s dedication to the satisfaction of its clients. Moreover, we pride ourselves at being quick, experienced, and competitively priced.

Moreover, IBIMS is a full-service BIM and Construction Management delivery firm based in Egypt. We have the aim of assisting clients to adopt and implement advanced BIM technology tools for a range of services. Thus, as one of the BIM companies in Egypt, our services include Feasibility Studies, Pre-construction services, Quantity Surveying, Cost Estimation, Forensic Analysis, and Construction management.

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We at IBIMS provide a complete set of BIM services  Efficient, accurate, productive and competitive services, consequently, satisfying the client’s requirements.

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Evolving is the most important of our core values. Thus, it is our first priority during every workday.


We are participating in changing mindsets that uses conventional methods by illustrating benefits and ROI of BIM.

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IBIMS’s commitment to green building and sustainability is long-standing.

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